20 Games Added to Xbox Gamepass from Developer Bethesda

Doom, Fallout and other series now free to play to all gamepass owners, with the library of Gamepass only growing as we continue the new year.

With the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft it was only a matter of time before the top titles were added to Gamepass and they have finally arrived. Many series were released on console today which can you see bellow or by logging on your Xbox today and taking a look at the new Bethesda card added to the main home screen of the Gamepass section on your Xbox console. We got all the Elder Scroll, Fallout and Dishonored games that were released on Xbox throughout the years plus Prey.

I would’ve added DOOM, Wolfenstein and Evil Within to this list however one of each of these are not able to be downloaded via Gamepass or searched in the store for free. DOOM (2016), Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus and Evil Within 2 are all still not available via Gamepass. Many will also remember that both DOOM (2016) and Wolefnstein 2 were available via Gamepass at one point and were removed in 2020. Neither Microsoft or Bethesda has explained the reason why but a theory is it could be used as a later release teaser for the Evil Within 2 game but it doesn’t make sense why the DOOM and Wolfenstein games aren’t on Gamepass as they aren’t the most recent titles in their respective series.

Only time will tell if they will release them to make the three series whole via Gamepass but for the most part some of the best games I’ve played on Xbox are now free to play via Gamepass. One of the best recommendations I could make would be The Elder Scrolls Morrowind with classic RPG gameplay and absolutely fantastic soundtrack. If action is what you are looking for I would highly point you in the direction of DOOM Eternal, killing Demons ferociously to what could be the greatest metal soundtrack in gaming history and one of the greatest games in my opinion of 2020.

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