Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War, Season 1 is here

Season 1 has arrived! With it we now have the battlepass as well as new maps, modes, weapons, Warzone map, balancing patches and not that surprisingly bugs and errors.

Let’s begin with battlepass as it has been long awaited to see what the players can earn this time around with their $10 purchase. Unfortunately many players are not as excited as once thought as many people are saying the battlepass has little to no value as the rewards are just not that interesting. The battlepass will cost you 1,000 COD Points which is around $10 and the major unlock with battlepass is the new Operator named “Stitch” which can only be obtained by purchasing the battlepass and one of his legendary skins. Also you will receive a rare Adler skin, silver watch, and a XP booster for an extra 10% XP during the entire Season 1 period. If you complete the battlepass and reach Tier 100 you get an additional legendary skin for Stich, a new gun blueprint, 2 vehicle camos and the “Season 1” legendary emblem.

Additional operator Skins can also be unlocked via battlepass but there are many people complaining about the number of actual skins. Most operators have 4-8 different skin options with some of the being unlockable by missions, but for most of the operators the actual count really is only 2-4 due to most of the extras just being 3 different color schemes of the same outfit and no other real difference. Some operators do have unique skins but most of them are not unlockable and can only be obtained through the store.

2v2 gunfight returns this season as well with the maps U-Bahn, ICBM, KGB and Game Show. We also got an old favorite of ours returned as well “Prop Hunt”. The classic hide and seek from Black Ops 4 has made its return. Fireteam will be getting a new map called Sanatorium and there 3 6v6 maps that have been added as well, the Pines, Raid and Nuketown 84′ Holiday. Warzone for Cold War has gotten its first Map called Rebirth Island. Zombies was not left out in the dark and got a new Cranked game mode and a festive “Jingle Hells” mode to fit into the holidays.

We got 3 new weapons as well that are unlockable by leveling up the free version of the battlepass in Season 1 and they are the Groza Assault Rifle, Mac-10 Submachine Gun and soon they will release the new shotgun Street Sweeper sometime in the future but a date has not been given.

Weapon balance is here and there alot of changes that came in with the update which you can find some of the biggest ones bellow as well as a link to the patch notes page for Treyarch. Major changes came mostly to the weapons as Treyarch try to balance the AK-47, Krig 6, and Tactical Rifles like the M16 as those have become the weapon of choice for multiplayer due to their strong performance. There were some map balancing done in this update and they mostly focused on player spawns and objective spawns with moving them or adding new spawn zones.
December 15th 2020 Patch Notes,

Amongst all this new content that was sorely needed there are some issues going across all platforms with different issues. Xbox players have said that they lost their progress with camos and challenges entirely having to start over from zero. Playstation owners are reporting that they are having issues just joining matches getting the error “Zed 398 Swift Clover” which a patch was released this morning to address but people are still claiming this issue. A strange stuttering bug is affecting Playstation owners that eventually crash the game. On Pc players are having issues using the Theatre Mode with controls just missing or dissapearing while watching a replay. Across all platforms people report a negative balance in COD Points and there are still stability issues with people’s game just crashing or the consoles just turning off by themeselves. Activision is currently tracking all these and is trying to put out fixes which you can monitor here.

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