Call of Duty Mid Season Major Update May Have Broken More Than What They Supposedly Fixed.

The mid-season major update for Call of Duty has released but the list of problems has only grown since their release of content and might be growing more frustration from players to fix long standing issues they believed would of been fixed by now.

One of the biggest content drops by Treyarch has arrived for Black ops Cold war with new multiplayer maps and zombies maps dropping the long waited CDL ranked modes plus more smaller game mode changes made. The new zombies map is a great change and very welcome update indeed with it now being 1 of the 3 maps to play zombies on and this map feels larger and new enemies help change the zombies mode that people may have been feeling getting stale. Some other small tweaks here and there for weapons and kill streaks to balance out the gameplay was also made. But are these small tweaks enough to satisfy players while they wait for more updates to come.


If you think there are more changes to the core mechanics of any game mode with the release of this major content drop you would be wrong. The essential core mechanics of gun play, player net code delay, weapon balance, or spawn balancing was not done with a lot of these maps and game modes only adding on top of all this content more player frustration to the lack of updates to fix common problems like those. Common crashing still is a common issue on PC, Console users can be faced with texture glitches or the game all out needing to be re-downloaded due to errors unknown. On Xbox people are reporting issues like getting kicked from party chat while in game and forced to use the in game voice communication. Also with Zombies there is a bug where if you use the attachments randomizer from the amor station the gun will not come back and even going down and getting revived does not give you your weapon back. It also prevents you from doing anything because you can’t interact with the majority of the map and you have to die to be able to use a gun normally on Firebase Z. Warzone players are facing the brunt of this issue with the stim glitch making a comeback and the refusal to address the DMR 14 meta and the new close range Street Sweeper building cleaner. Players are reporting other players are cheating because their characters are invisible but it turns out that some operator skins will not render at a certain long range distances and only things like their head and gun are visible. They constantly say fixes are planned but players are starting to get frustrated and with the recent ban wave of 60,000 players people are starting to assume that there wont be a proper anti cheat placed to help combat cheaters in Warzone.

I have also noticed a lot of people talking about the recent Activision investor meeting and many seem to think the info is since cold war came out to Feb 4, 2021. At this investor meeting Activision stated some of the staggering sales and profits made from the games sales and micro transactions. It’s important to note that these staggering figures were for the Q4 which ended in December 31st 2020 and the whole year of 2020. They have not stated any sales figures from 2021 but have estimated their earnings to be above Wall Street’s estimate at $8.45 Billion instead of the estimated $8.15 billion from Wall Street.

This post was updated at 11:24pm PST 2/8/2021 to relfect the new attachments randomizer bug in the Zombies Firebase Z map.

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