Cold War Season 2…could be better, could be worse

The highly anticipated season 2 update has arrived and the majority of the patches have been released. Whether you had anticipations of excitement for new content or frustrations with the lack of game balancing and overall gameplay improvements well… you got both.

Season 2 brought up new operators, game modes for both multiplayer and zombies but also some new maps as well you can look at the tittle image of this post to see the new content that will be arriving this season so far. With every new seasonal update of most video games we start discussing the new bet options or the meta, however, this is not the case. Since the release of the season 2 update on February 25th, 2021 there have been 6 updates since March 8th, 2021 that would bring people to believe that the game is getting tweaked for some sort of balance reason or improvements to the overall game. Unfortunately again… this is not the case. The majority of the updates mostly deal with bugs or glitches with most of the update dealing with visibility of players on maps. Links to these updates can be found bellow.

The biggest part of this update is clearly the Outbreak game mode for Zombies as it is clear that the updates to balance and tweak multiplayer is being put on the wayside as they figure out how to implement and organize League Play. This is clearly seen as the updates have little to zero changes to multiplayer gunplay or connection fixes and mostly focused on map re-design. Design that which should have been fixed sooner as this was a commonly known issue from the release of the game in November of 2020. After most of the map re-designs which were released on the 25th with the Season 2 release, all the updates from what I read have been on fixing bugs and updating playlists. Again they look to fix the easy things instead of working on the hard part of balancing with gunplay changes and net code and other connection updates. It only begs the question of if they don’t fix some of these issues will there be a large multiplayer presence in Cold-War to inherit these updates. Only time will tell.

But Outbreak was the big news as the developers of Cold War took a leap that not even I thought was possible and creating a semi open map style of Zombies. I do say open map and not open world as the maps are about the size of a 32 player conquest battlefield 4 map maybe a bit smaller. This new style of Zombies is a fresh take and great to end the monotony of the same style of survive, prepare, survive and repeat. They added in a 3rd task to the rotation and that is objectives or tasks. Let’s start with the open map. The map is open and every building from what I can tell is exportable. The map contains all the necessary items needed like wunderfizz, pack-a-punch, armor stations and wall weapons. They also added loot boxes around that map will drop random goodies for anyone to grab including allies that can come by and just steal the goodies that come out. Which can make some great fun or a great annoyance. Each map has a important task or objective that needs to be completed before you can move on the next map but they also have some mini boss or mini events that can to be completed for extra points. These can be found with unique icons on the map. This game mode is a great changeup to the standard zombies mode and I’m really glad that the developers decided to take a step out of the norm and try something different.

Visual texture bugs showing texture glitches on the dragon mini event, zombies and hell hounds. Take a note that the purple gas normally sourounding the map is non existent as well.

Those of you who have played a bit of outbreak will instantly see the issue displayed here from the images above. Yep…with the new season comes the new bugs and it wouldn’t be a new season without some interesting bugs am I right? These are only a few of the issues I came across so far and there are bound to be more as we progress further into the season. Zombies saw the most amount of fixing with the release of a new game mode it can be understandable once released. Various bugs like invincible hell hounds, invincible bosses that force you to restart your progress to flat out texture glitches like above to rainbow colored textures on the ground instead of the standard green. They have updated these but it’s still pretty early and we don’t know what else will break as we push the level higher and higher. Connections issue still occur on this map but it’s unclear the reason as we don’t know what the server handles and what the host handles in terms of rendering, spawning, and other things that happen on the map. Even after the two other maps Die Maschine and Firebase have been released and supposedly updates and stability fixes have been deployed people are still experiencing connection issues. One begins to think with the recent updates we’ve gotten if the developers have shifted their focus towards Zombies and less on multiplayer.

February 25th, 2021 patch notes –
February 26th, 2021 patch notes –
February 27th, 2021 patch notes –
March 2nd, 2021 patch notes –
March 4th, 2021 patch notes –
March 8th, 2021 patch notes –

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