Cold War Zombies Weapon XP Loss Bug

If you are wondering why leveling up may be slower than usually or the fact that you aren’t gaining XP but losing it you are not alone. I too have seen thought this was an issue with the progress of leveling up the M60 with the very slow speed to level up the gun but it seems others are facing this issue as well. A reddit thread started very early this morning has gotten some traction and has shown in a video that there is a bug where you can lose XP and progress to leveling up your weapons. Many other people on this thread also have stated similar issues as well which you can see below. Activision and Treyarch have not yet responded as they probably don’t know how to address or fix this issue. It’s hard to guess what the issue is because this person is playing solo but there are other who are playing in groups who have reported the issue on reddit so it’s affecting local and online matches.

This is just another issue players face with the game that has bugs and issues pilling up faster than they can be fixed, just adding on top of the already major issues with the game that people are only getting frustrated and disappointed with the overall state of the game. Treyarch and Activision are lucky that Cyberpunk 2077 released in the state that is has on “Last-Gen” consoles because I feel if it didn’t, Teryarch and Activision would be the ones in the hot seat and not CD Projekt Red.

Reddit Thread started 12/22/2020

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