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Corsair HS75 XB Wireless – Review

Little over a week ago Corsair unveiled their new HS75 XB Wireless headphones for use on the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. With strong competition from Turtle Beach, LucidSound, Razer, SteelSeries and Astro (to name a few) Wireless headsets are getting more and more popular for Xbox gamers, especially since the dawn of direct-to-console wireless which removes the need for a USB dongle.
If you also dabble in a little PC gaming, you’ll be pleased to know these will also work with the Xbox wireless adaptor for P.C.
With ~20 hours on a single charge (and continuing to work while charging) and a wireless range of 30ft, I found both of these claims to be on the mark, with approx 18+ hours of gaming and easily navigating around my games room completely problem free.

The packaging is your standard cardboard outer with plastic inner, this is what you get inside:
Corsair HS75 XB Headset
USB A to USB C charging cable
Detachable Mic
Windshield sock for Microphone
Paperwork : Intruction manual, Safety & compliance guide, Warranty information and Dolby Atmos insert.

Beside the suave looks the build quality is immediatly apparant, the whole headset feels premium from the distinctive metal side-mesh on the ear-cups, to the quality of the stitching on the headband and memory foam pads. There’s some plastic on show with the outer of the earcups a smooth matte finish highlighted by small gloss strips which separate the cups to the plush memory foam cushioning.
I’ve used a wide variety of headsets over the last few years and while many fall in line as direct competitors to the HS75XB, none have felt and looked quite as appealing as this headset. Maybe that’s defined by being bald with glasses, but the HS75XB is comfortable, sturdy and free of irritations or constant adjustments.

Speaking of competition there’s already a few headsets on the market that people will compare to Corsair’s latest offering, the Astro range, Steelseries Arctis 7X and 9X, and LucidSound LS35X join Razer’s new Kaira Pro and the TurtleBeach Stealth 700 gen 2.
While I havn’t yet got my hands on the Razer, there’s been some early reports of battery life issues on the core Kaira headset.

I’ve had a little time with the Stealth 700 and owned the Astro, Steelseries 9x and LucidSound LS35X and I’m more than happy to say that the Corsair HS75 XB headset is my favorite of them all.

That’s certainly a pretty bold claim, so let’s take a quick look at each of the main rivals…
While the Astro’s used to be the “Premium” headset, the only thing that feels premium about them now is the price, the stylised design feels more geared towards teenagers, after all these years the microphones still aren’t the best, and there’s just not enough to warrant the inflated price.
The closest competitor would be SteelSeries, the Arctis 7X and 9X are fantastic headsets, but certainly not the most comfortable, I found myself constantly making adjustments to the headband and it never felt as secure as I’d hoped. While they push out some high quality audio, I didn’t find it as distinct as the Corsair.
The TurtleBeach Stealth 700 is again a great headset, however it still screams “Gamer” with lots of plastic, a fixed mic and I just didn’t find the audio as clear as I’d hoped.
Finally LucidSound looked great on paper, but I wouldn’t wish that headset on my worst enemy, the £130 LS35X produced fantastic audio on par with the the best, however it was appaling build quality with the plastic on the headband cracking within weeks, worst still after receiving a replacement that wouldnt power-on at all, Lucidsound’s terrible customer service then refused to replace that, resulting in £130 going down the drain.

Aside from matching the Elite Series 2 controller near perfectly, What exactly does the Corsair HS75XB get right…
In short… pretty much everything.
It’s one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn, the audio seems the most impressive I can remember experiencing, and feedback from friends and family has been that the mic is “perfectly clear”.
There’s a few negatives which we will touch on later, but we’re getting pretty close to perfection.

As I’ve explained aesthetically it looks amazing, but the real quality is exactly in how it sounds, there’s a distinct clarity that I never noticed in the SteelSeries headsets, especially when firing up binaural games like Hunt: Showdown and Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice.

The promise of high-quality custom tuned 50mm Neodymium drivers suddemly sounds legitimate, with just enough bass to punch you in the ear and a clarity on the highs that make speech and effects clear and precise.
Comfort is also a massive positive, even with glassses on I got zero complaints with the headset staying in position at all times without putting too much pressure on my ears, glasses, head or that big bald patch on top, at 330gm it’s light enough to forget your wearingit but heavy enough to feel premium and sturdy.

After connecting the headset to the Xbox, which was as simple as holding the synch button on the console and the power button on the headset, I delved into the Dolby Atmos app on the Xbox One, immediately the headset was detected and the (usually £15) premium purchase was unlocked for free, there’s a wide range of content from gaming trailers and special effects to showcase Dolby Atmos at work and after trying Atmos with various headsets in the past, it never stood out quite like it does on the Corsair.
Wanting to test a range of experiences I jumped into GhostRunner which pumped out cyberpunk tunes with a heavy bass, before switching to Rocket League and Forza which both gave a clarity to the engine sounds that wasn’t noticeable prior.
But the real test was joining my 13yr old son on Fortnite, he’d made a competitive 1v1 arena and as I barely play the game I was preparing myself for humiliation.
A dark map filled with trees and a giant distracting volcano in the centre, it’s safe to say I couldn’t see where he was, but I could certainly here it, as a single sniper bullet whizzed through my headset, I was able to locate him instantly and get the kill.
Even on the £300 Astro headsets I didn’t find noise placement as accurate as the Corsair HS75XB.

I also spent some time with Windows Sonic instead of Dolby Atmos and the headset was just as pleasing to the ears, so much so, I’m torn between which to use long term.

It sure does look amazing and I can confirm it sounds absolutely fantastic, but what are those negative points I mentioned earlier…
Well, there’s not much… In all honesty I’m having to search real hard for things that might be problematic for other users, because for me this headset feels so well balanced there’s no glaring weaknesses.
Connectivity could be one area, at £169.99 there’s competition either side of that price which adds Bluetooth connectivity, I personally dont rate the quality or reliability of using blueetooth audio for long periods, but if that’s for you, then it’s worth considering. Solely as an Xbox headset, the Direct-to-xbox wireless featured here is the most reliable I’ve encountered.

Also there’s no additional “modes” for super human hearing or bass boost, again, it’s not a feature I’ve used on past headsets, I get the setting that sounds best and leave it on that. The fact that the HS75XB sounds so great without any of those bells and whistles is in my eyes, testiment of how good it is without pointless modes that usually end up reducing quality or distorting the sound just so a footstep sounds unrealisticaly loud.

There’s certainly strong competition if you’re in the market for a Xbox Wireless headset, but I feel the Corsair HS75XB is the new king of Xbox Wireless Headsets, the design, sound quality and comfort are near perfect and while we have to mention the lack of features and connectivity options, if you want the best sounding, great looking headset solely for your Xbox One or Series X | S, then we can deffinitely recomend the Corair HS75XB Wireless.

Design - 9.5
Sound - 9.5
Comfort - 9.5
Connectivity - 8
Features - 8


There's certainly strong competition if you're in the market for a Xbox Wireless headset, but I feel the Corsair HS75XB is the new king of Xbox Wireless Headsets

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