Genesis Noir…Captivating Story and Graphics

Genesis Noir is a stunning and beautiful game that offers great graphics, a captivating story with simple gameplay mechanics that all together create an absolutely fantastic game.

The story starts out with what many in the “noir” style would find typical, night time, stormy weather and in the big city. The music through most of the game is of a similar jazz style found in other noir films and games. In the beginning you seem to be just a simple man selling watches to try to get some food and overtime as you progress through the game you soon learn the character you play is more than just a simple watch tinkerer. You are involved in an affair between Miss Mass and Golden Boy who are two performing Jazz artists. You seek to save Miss Mass from a terrible fate and prevent her death during the confrontation. I think the description of the game in the store puts it best as “Jump into the expanding universe and search for a way to prevent or destroy creation and save your love.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. The game isn’t one for guiding you easily as you have to explore the area fully and use your intuition to solve puzzles and other aspects. This game doesn’t give you a hand but forces you to learn and adapt on your own.

This game’s developers clearly want you to focus on the art style and story. As there is very little dialogue, plus some of the mechanics of a point and click style adventure game there needs to be a bigger hook in the game with a lack of these devices. With story driven point clickers I find it very important that I stay for more than the story because even great story writing can be nullified by nothing else to accompany it. Thankfully the developers at Feral Cat Den have done it well and given us some great graphics and art style to go along with it. If you are a fan of the 2D/3D style of Paper Mario then you are going to like this style just as much. There isn’t much color to go around but if you look up the noir art style you will find it has very little color and they only put in color when it means the most or to represent something important. Sin City the movie would be a great example as even blood for most characters is white not red and the only times when color is clear it’s for a distinct purpose. This game follows that general rule of noir style using color to guide the player and set out points of interest.  

As you explore the universe searching for your answer to saving Miss Mass you will be going through worlds finding your way around and solving puzzles and learning about our universe. Puzzles can be as simple as moving the stick in the right directions and others can involve moving sliders to get the right wave form. The variety in the kinds of puzzles is too many to list but there are plenty. Like a detective in a noir movie not only do you solve puzzles but you must also follow clues. Clues like I said early are usually highlighted in a golden color in this black, grey and white world. Other times you have to hover your cursor over an object to change your cursor icon from an arrow to a magnifying glass or an eye icon. After clicking on them they could be just something lying in the world or your next step to solving your problem. The puzzles are actually pretty fun and with the graphics to go along with it, you will find it fun to do because they do a wonderful job of matching the graphics on the screen to match the mood of the story and puzzle you are on. 

I talk alot about the graphics in the game and the art style but I can’t really go into how much effort I feel was put into these aspects as they are expertly executed. I must also state this because it is prominent in the beginning with the game if you have photosensitive epilepsy I would caution you to play this game where there are flashing lights constantly and changing of the scenery is also a danger to any of those who are photosensitive epileptics. As a person myself with epilepsy I had no trouble with this but I do again caution those to take extra care when playing this game. Words cannot describe how beautiful I found this game to be. I can only really say that I was drawn in after maybe 30 minutes of playing this game and I stuck through it and the game rewarded me with the graphics only becoming more and more beautiful. There are 14 chapters to go through and this game will last you about 4-5 hours depending on how good you are with puzzles it may even take 2-3. For me the game took around 4 hours to complete. I did have to uninstall and reinstall the game as I hit a bug where I would solve the puzzle but it wouldn’t let me leave the screen the puzzle was on, but a quick re-install solved that issue. Besides that 1 bug I had no other issues with the game. 

I don’t really want to get into the ending too much because that’s the reason we play the game, to find the ending but I must implore you no matter how much you might want to give up playing this game through to the end. The last few chapters are absolutely one of the most unique and beautiful games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The ending itself isn’t just the reward but some of the best visuals and music will be found there. It’s just one of those times which happen multiple times in the game where I find myself stunned at the quality of this game and if you weren’t aware this game is only $14.99. This game has truly set a new standard in my mind for story based point clicker with this game now taking the top of my list. This game truly deserves to be in the library for anyone interested in great story writing and visual effects. The even better part is if you have gamepass you can play this game for free. I also would like to again reiterate that this game doesn’t help you that often. It is a challenge sometimes to figure out what to do but remember that this is a point and click style adventure game. The puzzles aren’t meant to be easy but the graphics and visuals sure make it fun to play.

Genesis Noir...Captivating Story and Graphics

Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 9
Sound - 6
Story - 9
Value - 7


Genesis Noir is a stunning and beautiful game that offers great graphics, a captivating story with simple gameplay mechanics that all together create an absolutely fantastic game. A point and click styled adventure game that will challenge your mind with puzzles and astrophysics concepts.

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