Ghostrunner – Winter Pack DLC & Free Hardcore Mode Out Now, Photo Mode Coming in 2021.

If you don’t already love the sound of cyber-ninja’s, then you’ve clearly missed the boat with Ghostrunner, but for anyone who picked up the fantastic first-person parkour slasher from developers “One More Level” we’ve got some great news.

Firstly, a free update is now available that will add a Hardcore game+ mode.
For those who have completed the main story, you can head back to Dharma Tower with your unlocked upgrades equipped, to battle stronger and more plentiful enemies with adjusted level layouts to test your ninja reflexes and death defying wall running.

Secondly, there’s the new “Winter Pack” DLC available now, costing only £1.49/$1.99, this cosmetic bundle gives you the “Cold Blood Gloves” and the stlyish “Cold Blood Katana”.

Finally, looking forward to 2021, we’ll be getting a photo mode, which will allow full camera control with a heap of filters to smarten up your snapshots.

Here’s the official word from Xbox Wire.

The time has come for you to climb Dharma Tower once again with an exciting new game mode launching December 17, and a new set of skins in the Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today for only $1.99. 2021 will also be an action-packed year for Ghostrunner with several exciting modes and DLC.

Hardcore mode is the new game plus version of Ghostrunner that you can unlock after you complete the game. In the new Hardcore mode, you will keep upgrades you unlocked in your original playthrough, but there are more enemies and more enemy types challenging you from the very beginning.

Ghostrunner DLC

In this thrilling new version of Ghostrunner, you will find the level layout has been altered to upgrade the action of this intense new mode. Do you have what it takes to fight off the hordes of cyberpunk nightmares on your path to the Keymaster? Hardcore mode will be available as a free upgrade to download on December 17.

Starting in 2021, we will release a stream of great new Ghostrunner features starting with Photo mode, which will allow you to pause the game’s lightning-fast pace at any moment so that you can view your stunning dystopian surroundings.

In Photo mode you can apply filters, modifiers, take screenshots, and control the camera to create the ideal shot to share with the Ghostrunner community. Throughout 2021, we will be featuring our favorite Photo mode pics from the community. We will also take the best pictures and feature them in the official Ghostrunner Xbox Hub.

Ghostrunner DLC

Pick up the new Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC and add to your cyber ninja collection with the Cold Snap Katana and Cold Blood Glove. Save humanity in style and show off the vengeance of the Ghostrunner with these exclusive Winter-themed skins.

If you have what it takes to complete the new Hardcore mode of Ghostrunner, then please tag us on social media with your favorite pictures from the run.

We will see you in the cybervoid, Ghostrunners

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