GTA V Cayo Perico Heist/Update, Simple Breakdown

Rockstar’s newest GTA V update brings not only a new location for the next heist but new clothes and vehicles too. The new location is called Cayo Perico, an island off the coast of Los Santos which you can only get to by plane or boat but more on actually getting there later. The villain in the new heist is nicknamed El Rubio and you are hired to rob him of some documents for Miguel Madrazo, the son of Martin Madrazo a common figure in the story mode of GTA V and beginning missions that pay well for new starting players in GTA V online. The map is fairly small compared to Los Santos but if you take most heist locations like the banks, vaults or other actual heists inside buildings the island does feel bigger.

The heist is pretty straight forward following a similar style to the diamond casino heist where you scope out and find the files you were hired to find plus other things you can take as extra. One of the best parts of the new heist style is there is only 1 major fee for the heist and it’s for the character Pavel who takes care of your submarine. You can do this heist solo so now many solo players are happy to have new solo content for money making but you will make more money if you have others come with you and also grab the other things like art, cash, drugs or gold to make additional money on top the $1.1 million guaranteed by completing the standard goal of getting the documents.

Now the only way to start the new heist is to obtain from Warstock a “Kosatka” submarine. You can upgrade and customize the submarine but since it already sits at a hefty $2.2 million price point the extra upgrades really only give a quality of life upgrade mostly with the cost of a maxed out sub being $7.88 million. After the initial scoping out part where you discover the infiltration and exfil points plus other points of interests the rest of the heist pretty much plays out just like a diamond casino heist with additional setups before you can start all of which is done in the sub (also you can actually drive the sub around the island as well) . We also got new vehicles in this update and there is rumored to be more released over time as this update rolls out. Most of the newest vehicles are from Warstock and the best part is all of them are usable in the heist so you can test drive them before you even buy them which is very nice as it saves you millions in wasted money.

After doing the heist and exploring a few times there is a lot of variety the amount of way you can go about doing this heist on top of what is discoverable really makes this heist really exciting and interesting this time around. The biggest issue that will come up which always does when it comes to open world setup missions will be the trolls and rival CEOs. All of the setup missions must be done in the open world map which leaves the opportunity for trolls to come by and hinder your progress. Besides that this heist is super fun and from what I can tell from setup to heist and completion it seems faster than the diamond heist. They also released a series of patches to bugs and glitches plus what they say “stability” patches but those stability patches don’t really seem to have changed the originally stability to begin with before the Cayo Perico heist. You can find a link to the more detailed patch notes bellow.

December 15th, 2020 patch notes

They have also added new clothing options and a new sub category called “Party shirts.” Most of the new clothing is in this category with some other bits of clothing in other sub categories. There aren’t any new cars in Legendary Motorsport but for a limited time you can get the free go-kart from Southern San Andreas Super Autos but if you don’t get it in time then it will cost you around $800,000. For the most part this update isn’t boring by any means but it is rumored like I said earlier that rumors of more content in the future is still out there so for all we know there are some more super cars and sports cars in the works. For now we are just waiting for the map to become the typical winter wonderland of snow for the holiday season which they haven’t said is coming our way.

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