GTA V now free to play for Gamepass owners after fixing NAT lobby Glitch.

Great news gamepass owners you can now play GTA V for free again as it returns to gamepass once again. Recently GTA V has patch the notorious Test NAT glitch that would put you into solo lobbies that you can have only friends join instead of other random players. The recent addition to gamepass does give the feeling that they fixed this on purpose before coming to game passs and for what reason I’m not 100% sure. All I know is with the recent loss of the glitch many players hav actually stopped playing because they don’t enjoy the open lobbies due to griefers and trolls. As they can no longer relax and play video games with their friends and do all the activities in a game now with worrying someone will come by and ruin their time. Zombie Army 4 Dead War has also been added to game pass as well. If you want to play the first 3 games though you will need to cough up $49.99 for the Zombie Army Trilogy if you want to play the entire series.

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