Is Microsoft preparing for a full Xbox Dashboard update?

With the Microsoft Series X|S consoles a little over 4 months old and becoming increasingly available, there’s the ongoing mention across many groups and boards that Microsoft’s Xbox dashboard is disappointingly still a pretty standard affair compared to the Playstations new 4K interface.
Microsoft keeps their user interface between Windows and Xbox pretty similar, with the large blocky squares and a “tile” appearance on the dashboard that isn’t far from the Windows 10 start menu.

However, with the above in mind, we could be well on the way to a brand new dashboard, completely redesigned and revamped as well as an inevitable jump to 4K resolution later this year.
Firstly bare in mind the likeness to that Windows Start Menu, and the idea of bi-annual Windows updates.
The thing that gets us excited about a potential dashboard update is Sun Valley a forthcoming Windows 10 refresh which is promising to be “As close as we’ll get to Windows 11”.

In a recent tweet by Zac Bowden, it’s clear that Microsoft is looking for a heavy visual overhaul of Windows 10, and while the relatively recent job listing seen above, might be too far down the development cycle for the Spring release, it’s highly likely that the second annual release (expected October/November) will be Sun Valley and a pretty big visual upgrade. With Windows X coming fairly soon (a streamlined Enterprise version) images like the one below could point to the direction of an impending Sun Valley update and indeed the new Xbox dashboard.

Keeping their core systems similar means that the Xbox dashboard is likely to be updated at a similar time, so we could see a partial update in the coming months to align with Windows X, or we might be made to wait until the second yearly update to Windows in October or November which would likely be a much more drastic visual jump, this would also to help push the latest consoles at a time when everyone is gearing up to pick up the latest tech in time for Christmas. One certainty is that we’re unlikely to be on this current dashboard-style for too much longer.

Beyond a slightly more streamlined look, with less blocky edges we’re not sure what changes might be planned, but we’re pretty certain Microsoft have a full Xbox dashboard revision in the works and whether we see slight changes in the coming months or a more considerable jump in the autumn, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Windows 10X and Sun Valley for clues as to what any new Xbox dashboard might look like.

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