Kill it with Fire – Review

Kill it with Fire starts off pretty simple, you’re stood in a hallway, clipboard in hand in a pretty innocent looking suburban house, as you move forward you can hit X to interact with many objects in the world, open drawers, doors, pick up the vase or maybe pull a few books off the bookshelf.

Soon enough you’ll be greeted by a wretched spider that’s going to make a sharp exit, hitting your right trigger will attempt to crush the spider with your clipboard, and the worlds a better place.
Unfortunately not for long, because even on this first location there are over a dozen spiders hiding around the house, but thankfully you’ll have far more than a clipboard to help get rid of them.

Over the course of the game find a wide variety of weapons from hairspray and gasoline to guns, a garden trimmer and shurikens.
There’s no beating the trusty frying pan for splatting a few of our eight-legged friends, but igniting the hairspray and setting them on fire can be just as rewarding.
Unfortunately, whether it’s the furniture, computers or garden ornaments, firing multiple weapons isn’t the cleanest termination and you’ll be smashing windows, setting rooms on fire and blowing up gas stations before you know it.

Running around squashing spiders is pretty fun, with many weapons featuring a small delay, so those shurikens look deadly, but chances are you’ll miss a fair few times… Did that spider get behind the bookcase too quick, no worries just burn the whole thing until you hear it burn to death and if you don’t like the look of the arachnid under the toilet seat, just pull out your revolver and annihilate the whole bathroom.

Besides the fun of hunting spiders, there’s plenty more to do across each level, your trusty clipboard gives you a list of tasks you’ve discovered and while some might be finding a specific number of spiders, it won’t be long before you’re tasked with specific destruction or locating and placing items around the level.
Working through these tasks is the best way to unlock new weapons and upgrades as well as a gauntlet that requires specific kills against the clock. There are even times when you’ll forget about the spiders and be carrying around computers, hay bales or Bonsai tree’s and these tasks give a welcome distraction that remains varied throughout the entirety of the game.

It will probably only take 2-3 hours to work through the levels, killing the required number of spiders to open each new areas before opening the exit and moving on to the next. there are 9 levels in total, and each fits it’s own theme well with relevant tasks, you’ll also come across an increasing number of spiders, and species, including ones that explode when killed, or maybe pregnant ones that burst their offspring over the floor when you splat them.

Graphically it’s all as light-hearted as our attempts to take down the little critters, there’s a fun cartoon feel, and while you’ll be causing plenty of damage, it’s not ultra-realistic, which helps keep the game suitable for a wide age range although it does carry a PEGI 12 rating, most importantly it runs silky smooth, levels are filled with relevant items to pick up and throw, and there’s a wide range of places for spiders to hide behind.

Audio works well… The music does get a little grating by the time you’re working back through the levels to clear up tasks, but the twitching of nearby spiders and dramatic music change when one appears, all help to locate the terrors, this was actually so effective, I barely used the radar like spider tracker as it was usually easy enough to see or hear where they are.

Kill it with Fire is a fun game and at £11.99 it’s pretty good value, yes it’s short, but with all those weapons and upgrades there’s plenty of reason to return a few times, retreading old ground can be pretty fun when you’ve got a can full of gasoline and a revolver full of keratine soaked bullets, so it’s likely to last most people a good 5-6 hours in total.
Whether you just want to cause some mindless destruction, rid the world of a few dozen spiders, or work through the well thought out tasks to find all the weapons and unlocks, there’s more than enough game to warrant the price tag because even on my second run-through I was still having great fun and enjoying the tasks, it may be a little too immature for some gamers, but if you fancy a light-hearted, fun and destructive change of pace, you’re going to enjoy Kill it with Fire.

Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8
Story - 8.5
Value - 8


If you fancy a light-hearted, fun and destructive change of pace, you're going to enjoy Kill it with Fire

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