More titles added to Gamepass & Sea of Thieves Anniversy

Microsoft has recently added Star Wars Squadrons, Empire of Sin and a few others to gamepass further pushing together the integration of Gamepass and EA Play. NBA 2k1 and Madden 21 was added as well with Gamepass Ultimate owners also given perks in Apex Legends and Sea of Thieves. Apex Legends is giving as a perk a N7 Weapon Charm, for those who don’t know what N7 means it is a reference to their Mass Effect series with N7 being an elite group of operatives.

Sea of Thieves celebrates it’s third year on the Xbox platform and you can log in now and receive rewards. Rewards are given to all players with some reserved for gamepass and gamepass ultimate owners. Basic players who don’t have gamepass can still log in from March 18th to March 25th and receive the “Prosperous Captain’s Sails”. If you own gamepass you get that plus “Jump for Joy” emote if you log in between March 18th and March 25th. Gamepass Ultimate gets those plus “Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Bundle” for free. If you tune in to twitch streamers as well you can pick up some twitch drops like the Remaining Gilded Phoenix equipment as well as the all-new Hornpipe Dance Emote to dance a merry jig. To find your ultimate perks you can usually select the option from your messages that you can get from Xbox or if you go into the gamepass section you can select the perks option as seen below.

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