On the Road: Truck Simulator – Out now

I’m a big fan of Simulation games, as can be seen by the recent coverage of Train SIm World 2, and old Mixer viewers will remember the time I spent with Bus Simulator, so today’s release of On the Road has peaked my interest.

With only “Truck Driver” as an alternative Trucking Simulator, there’s certainly plenty of space for ‘On the Road’ to take to the fast-lane, and considering the mixed response to Truck Driver, there’s every chance that On the Road could take the lead as the best Truck Sim on Xbox.

Promising approximately 6,000km of Freeway and 600km of country roads on a 1:10 scale, with detailed junctions, 16 cities and licensed vehicles from MAN and Scania it sounds like there’ll be plenty to do, especially with the promise of a full economic system and complex route planning,

One The Road: Truck Simulator is out now on the Xbox store for £24.99/$29.99

Here’s the full press release:

Paderborn, Germany, February 11, 2021 | Loading, unloading, planning routes, shunting, refueling and above all driving, driving, driving – all this and much more is now possible even with the controller in hand and from sofas at home. Because as of today, On The Road – Truck Simulator by Aerosoft and toxtronyx is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As the first deep truck simulator for consoles, it comes with quite a few features: players drive original replica truck models from MAN (TGX) and Skania (R-series) in different configurations on a road network of almost 7,000 km with autobahns and country roads throughout Germany. In the process, they complete a wide variety of transport assignments with goods of all kinds, pass through well-known traffic junctions and explore 16 major German cities with all their traffic peculiarities and characteristic sights.

At the beginning, the players start as the boss of their own small haulage company, which they can gradually expand into a flourishing business. This requires not only good driving skills, but also organizing ability. Because with an increasing number of orders, more vehicles, additional personnel and efficient route planning are needed, while observing the legally prescribed rest periods.

On The Road – Truck Simulator is the third title that Aerosoft is releasing for consoles. Previously, the game has been released for PC and has been continuously improved since its launch

The accumulated three years of hard development work have gone into the console version of On The Road – Truck Simulator. The result is a great truck simulator game that has never before been available on PlayStation or Xbox to this extent and quality” says Winfried Diekmann, Managing Director of Aerosoft, adding, “We are firmly convinced that On The Road – Truck Simulator will find a wide audience among console gamers. We’re very much looking forward to the exchange and feedback from fans.

On The Road – Truck Simulator is available in the Aerosoft store, PlayStation store and on Xbox, as well as in stores everywhere, and costs EUR 29.99 (£24.99 / $29.99). The title is rated PEGI 3. ­
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The features

  • Approx. 6,000 km of freeway and 600 km of country roads on a scale of 1:10 
  • Detailed replicated freeway junctions and triangles 
  • 16 cities with unique road constructions
  • Licensed vehicles: MAN TGX (2016) and Scania R series (2013) both as tractor unit 4×2, box 4×2 and box 6×2 
  • Various trailers
  • Solo drives
  • Economic system with own forwarding agency
  • Complex route planning with combined freight and rest times 
  • Abandonment of vehicles possible and necessary

Find more information about Aerosoft at Aerosoft’s web page, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

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