Pacer: Speeding onto Xbox – Thurs 11th Feb

While most of my time is spent playing Xbox, I’ve played a fair few other consoles over the years and my favourite non-xbox Franchise was always Wipeout,
dating way back before the OG Xbox was released.

While there’s an alarming shortage of anti-gravity racers on the Xbox, Pacer, which is undoubtedly the best anti-gravity racer we’ve seen recently, is finally coming to Xbox One (and Series X|S via backward compatibility).

Released last year on PC and PlayStation, Pacer received a very respectable 8/10 from Metro, ScreenRant and Cog.

Featuring single player action across seven game modes, as well as upto 10 player online races in seven modes, there’s also 14 tracks with night, mirrored and reverse variants which you can race around in 4 speed classes up to a blistering 1000kmph.

Pacer is due for release on Xbox this Thursday, 11th February. We haven’t had exact pricing yet, but we expect it to be around £30-£35/$40-$45

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