Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters™ DLC – Review

Planet Coaster might have only been out just over 6 months, but today marks the release of the 7th and 8th DLC packs, which brings the console release almost parallel with the PC version except for 3 small licensed packs (Munsters, Knightrider and Back to the Future).
This review is for the Ghostbusters DLC and we’ll have the review for the Studios pack very soon.

The Ghostbusters DLC is a tough one to judge on the surface, priced at £12.99 compared to the usual £7.99 cost of all of the other add-ons, there are two new rides, and a flurry of blueprints, facilities and scenery items, which is all given that nostalgic Ghostbusters flare with fully licensed materials from the 1984 film.
There’s certainly more than enough to fill a themed section of your park, so let’s take a closer look at exactly what the pack includes.

Firstly there’s a new Kiddie Coaster, called the Rollerghoster. This has a single pre-made track, which with a scenery rating of 78% has the stats of 2.88 excitement, 1.95 fear and 0.15 nausea. The default $7.50 admission was quickly pulling in around $800 profit per month.
You can also build your own version from scratch, but being a kids coaster it’s limited to 30-degree drops with a variety of helix turns for special track pieces, on my first attempt at making a custom version, with no extra scenery I was easily able to achieve a 3.2 rating for excitement, 2.3 fear and only 0.6 nausea meaning it’s a good, easy to use rollercoaster for the family.

The second new ride is the Ghostbusters Experience, this is a carbon copy of the Quick Draw interactive shooting motion ride, but with the added glitz of Ecto-1 themed carriages. There’s no pre-built version, but it’s easy to lay down the track, add a few targets then select them to link via the ride menu.
I went a little overboard and spent well over an hour, building a large building around the entire ride, filling the inside with partitioning walls and lots of ghosts, special effects and still, I felt like I was barely scratching the surface of what’s possible with this ride.
I’m sure within days the in-game workshop will be populated with high-quality fan-made creations, but my main concern with the Ghostbusters Experience is the default $5 entry made little profit, meaning the price of all those fancy effects and animatronics is likely to take quite a while to pay off.

Other content includes 11 Ghostbusters themed facilities, including a restaurant, hotel, staff building, toilets and first aid. together with the rides, there’s certianly plenty on offer and if you have the patience to really go into detail, there’s plenty of walls, and small extras to make the surroundings just as themed as the rides and facilities. In a few hours, I built a park (33% full), mostly from Ghostbusters content with only 1 extra rollercoaster and a single other ride.
I quickly had just under 2,000 visitors and a park rating of 1100 which reinforces that there’s plenty within this pack to really push the Ghostbusters theme.
There’s also a new Stay Puft Marshmallow Man mascot, themed music, special lighting and you can even use the ghosts and effects from the Ghostbusters Experience ride, within your park (but not linked as targets) for even more scenery options.

The final addition, and possibly one of the most notable is a brand new scenario with two levels, these feature unique Ghostbusters inspired locations that look great and are a great base to carry on post-scenario with a well-themed area for expansion, especially when you look at the quality of the scenarios experience ride.
The scenario is also voiced by Dan Akroyd (Ray Stantz) and William Atherton (Walter Peck) from the original movie and is sure to offer hours of extra play time and a few interesting challenges.

The Ghostbusters DLC might not have the most rides, but the overall package including all the themed content and the scenario/levels combine for an impressive collection. However, the inflated price is likely to put some off, especially if they’ve not got an interest in the official Ghostbusters license.
But if you’re a fan of Planet Coaster and looking for a perfect pack for adding a highly detailed section based on a massive IP then the Ghostbusters DLC is worth every penny.

Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8.5
Story - 8
Value - 7.5


If you're a fan of Planet Coaster and looking for a perfect pack for adding a highly detailed section based on a massive IP then the Ghostbusters DLC is worth every penny.

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