Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure DLC Available Now

Planet Coaster: Console Edition and has already received two considerable patch updates, fixing bugs, enhancing the user interface and making quality of life improvements to further improve on the impressive launch and now a third patch is be available with further improvements, but that’s not all…

Today, Thursday 10th December, exactly one month after release, Planet Coaster: Console Edition has received two DLC packs, in the shape of the “Spooky Pack“, and the “Adventure Pack“.
Offering a wide range of additions for creating those haunted house scenes, or Indiana Jones inspired coasters.
There’s also a special price for fans with the Spooky Adventure Bundle including both of the new DLC packs.

The Spooky Adventure Bundle will cost £11.99 / $14.99, which is a pretty big saving, because if you wish to buy a single pack, they’ll cost £7.99/$9.99 each.

Across the bundle, you can expect…

  • Five new rides – The Hoax, The Huntsman, Island Adventure, Land Ahoy, and Gold Fever!
  • 550+ new scenery items – A combination of horror and adventure scenery, animatronics, foliage, and more!
  • 2 entertainers – The delightfully haunting King Ghoster and confetti gun-wielding queen of the jungle Renee Feu!
  • 150+ console exclusive blueprints – From glorious golden statues to fully animated haunted house rooms, create a new park in a jiffy with these premade items!
  • A plethora of new audio and sound effects – New music tracks, SFX, and more – all perfect for an adventurous walk through a haunted house, or a petrifying plunder into the depths of forgotten temple!

With an impressive 150+ console exclusive blueprints, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of opportunity for implementing the new scenery,
We’re big fans of Planet Coaster here at Infinity HQ, and we can’t wait for more of the fantastic DLC packs such as Studios Pack and GhostBusters Pack to make their way to the console version.
You can find a variety of screenshots from the new DLC below.

Planet Coaster is available now on Xbox One and is also optimized for Xbox Series X|S including Smart Delivery so if you’re starting on Xbox One, you can carry over your content and continue the park of your dreams on the new consoles. — It’s also part of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass but you can pick it up to keep, on both £39.99 and £39.99
The existing DLC packs “Classic Rides” and “Magnificent Rides” DLC packs (available since release) were also part of their own bundle or included in the deluxe edition,

Links to today’s new DLC.
Spooky Adventure Bundle on Xbox Store
Spooky Pack DLC on Xbox Store
Adventure Pack DLC on Xbox Store

Spooky Pack

Adventure Pack

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