Planet Coaster: Studios Pack DLC – Review

It’s been almost 6 months but the Studios pack finally makes its way to Planet Coaster Console Edition, having used the pack on PC I knew what to expect, but let’s take an in-depth look at what you’re getting for the standard Planet Coaster DLC price of £7.99.

The Studios Pack is built around adding rides and scenery to your park that fit the Movie Studio theme, just like Disney’s Hollywood or Epcot studios.
To begin you’ll find three new rides in the Studios pack, and while two especially sound pretty basic, they’ve far from it thanks to the wealth of scenery options which we’ll get to later.

First up is “Horror Heights” which is a drop-tower ride, sure that might sound underwhelming at first, considering how many drop towers are already available and when you first place it, it looks pretty basic too.
However with a little imagination and about 30 minutes, I was able to build a full building around the ride, complimenting the elevator style, adding lights, and a glass front for my lucky punters to look out of as they plummeted down to ground level. It certainly provided plenty of opportunity for scenery and while I kept things pretty basic inside, it was turning over a nice profit of over $600 a month quickly with stats at 3.2 and 3.1 for excitement and fear and nausea in a safe range at 2.8.

Next up is the Big Screen Tour, which looks even more basic when first laid down, with no pre-made tracks. I made a pretty simple figure of 8 circuit and was pleased to see the stats at 4.0 for excitement, 2.0 for fear and nausea down at 1.0.
This sadly wasn’t affected by adding more scenery (and a lot of it) and the running costs were so high, potential profit was rarely positive, without more than doubling the default price and working out the maximum cars possible without keeping them waiting at the end of the ride, after some fine-tuning I was able to make a few hundred profit per month, but this wasn’t anywhere near that of Horror Heights or Re-Motion.

The third ride is of course re-motion, which is a simulation ride with riders held by an articulated arm, allowing it to face them in any direction to see the action, the pre-made option is a medium-sized building, which turned a great profit of around $1000 per month with stats of 4.67 excitement, 2.2 fear and only 1.0 nausea, this pre-made option is a great choice and fits the studio theme well. There’s also the option to create your own, which like the previous two rides really reward those who don’t mind tinkering with triggers, effects and positioning to make the most entertaining experience.
All three additions are more than welcome and while Re-Motion is my favourite by far, I’ve been impressed with Horror Heights and the chance to greatly customise the experience of all three rides, it’s a shame the Tour Bus wasn’t more profitable, but with a little practice and careful scenery choices, there’s certainly potential.

The major highlight of the Studios pack is the wealth of scenery options you get, expanding on the city theme there’s plenty of buildings and facades you can place, with numerous animated sequences which will help with those custom ride builds, facilities receive a new park entrance, staff building and two combination buildings of gift shops and food & drink shops.
These again suit the built-up feeling of full and tall buildings and while you’d struggle to fill a park with what’s on offer (mostly down to the Oswald-Eugene engine that limits a parks capacity on the console edition) there’s more than enough to add a highly detailed Studios themed section to any park.

I built quite a large park, which was 76% full on the Oswald-Eugene engine, and while I’d certainly gone a little overboard on the scenery, I’d included pretty much everything from Studios and Ghostbusters and only minimal items that weren’t from these two packs, and with no attention to what my guests wanted, I’d surpassed 3,500 visitors with a park rating of 2200. For core additional content, Studios is my favourite pack by far, but it’s certainly complemented with the Ghostbusters pack and some of the vanilla items.

Overall Studios represents great value and adds more than enough unique content to really help push your parks to the next level, while £5 cheaper than Ghostbusters, you might not be getting the additional Scenario, but you get more rides, a wider range of scenery and plenty of effects and animatronics. Many would class this as an advanced pack as it’s certainly going to benefit those who don’t mind experimenting more with triggers, but there’s more than enough to appeal to even new Planet Coaster players..

Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8.5
Story - 8
Value - 8.5


Overall Studios represents great value and adds more than enough unique content to really help push your parks to the next level

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