Rip Them Off, a great game…for some

Let’s get this out of the way to begin with and that’s this puzzle game is not for everyone. I absolutely had a great time with this game but I’m not going to go and recommend it to all my friends as I know they wouldn’t have fun with this type of puzzle game. But I’m not about to say because this game has a particular audience that overall this game isn’t fun because I believe it is. The game is simplistic, the art style is vintage and the music is relaxing. For me that is enough to have a good game but the standards have risen on these aspects of art and sound design as the gameplay isn’t anything to really go on. For the aspects of art and music they have balanced the lack of gameplay and created a decent indie game.

The Overall Mechanics of the game are very simple. You have people or in this game “Dupes” and you have to create a store that will get the most money out of them along their designated path. Each store has their own unique properties. The amount of people allowed in the store, the amount of money made and the amount of time spent in the store. There are different colors at the start indicating the type of Dupe and each type of Dupe has a best fit store for their attributes. I wouldn’t put this game really under strategy per se but more along the lines of puzzler as it can be there really isn’t much strategy, as it’s just putting the correct type of store for the Dupes that run across it. The goal of all this is to make enough money to purchase and upgrade more stores to reach the sales goal. 

The game can be picked up for $8.99 and for that price I can’t really complain. I really feel like this game was fun but I do see where some will give it bad ratings because they don’t like the appeal this game offers them. Whether it be because I’m just a simple person or for some other reason the plain simplicity is what grabs me for this game. The plain simplicity for me makes it a great game to play right when you get off with the group of friends you play with and might have had a frustrating time with some of the more competitive games and just need a game to calm down. This game did it for me multiple times when getting off from a tense night of competitive matches and this helped me wind down.

The Biggest part of this game is the art and musicdesign. If you like relaxing Jazz style music with a vintage art style then this is the game for you. The trailer for this game does a fair job at displaying the style of music. It really helped me calm down from a frustrating day or long stretch of gaming and helped me wind down for the day. I could go on forever about this game’s art and music as its a style I appreciate very much, but this is where the niche audience comes in. I can admit that few people might enjoy this or maybe I’m completley wrong and there is a massive market for vintage art and jazz music. Only time will tell and maybe jazz will become the next electric swing.

The title of this review is not a trick as with just the music and art style being the main reason to play this game and not necessarily for the gameplay there is an audience I can imagine that would really like this game. I just don’t see it making a huge splash like some other indie games, these kind of games have a niche audience and I can admit I am a part of that niche audience. There isn’t really a story that I could find or follow so there really isn’t anything there. But I stand strongly behind the art and music which is probably sounding like a broken record but they just struck such a nice cord (no pun intended) and I really enjoyed both. So if you are looking for a cheap game that doesn’t raise your stress levels, has relaxing/well composed music and a vintage art style then I would say give this game a shot. This is a well created/designed game by a duo at Lozange Lab Ava and Matt.

Rip Them Off, a great game....for some

Gameplay - 3.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8
Story - 1
Value - 5


The art and sound design are the reason to play this puzzler game. The gameplay isn't the reason to get this game or the story. It has very basic gameplay but this game is for enjoying the scenery and sound, not the controls or gameplay.

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