Time to cancel your Outriders Pre-order

UPDATE: 15th March…
It’s official, as explained in a post on Xbox wire today, Outriders will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, on release…

OutRiders is easily one of the most anticipated releases of 2021 so far, but recent news leaves many rushing to cancel their pre-order, simply because Microsoft Xbox Game Pass continues to grow from strength to strength.

In a recent tweet by the official XboxGamePass account, our good friend Melissa McGamepass has been on the emails again, hinting about another game heading to Game Pass, but fans are reading the two main clues as a dead giveaway that OutRiders will be joining the service.

These clues are obviously “Has anyone noticed a mysterious signal in the distance” and “am I the anomaly” which clearly point at Outriders which features a mysterious signal coming from the Planet Enoch which you go to investigate only to find a storm like Anomaly which “infects” the player so they too become their an anomaly of their own.
Pretty suspicious eh?

But this Tweet isn’t the only area pointing people to believe that Outriders could well be on it’s way to everyone’s favourite subscription service, Xbox themselves are becoming pretty notorious for hiding clues in plain sight during interviews and web shows such as an Xbox Series S long before release, the new Xbox Wireless Headphones in a commercial for the consoles, long before it was announced and clues to Indiana Jones.
As has been highlighted by @Venomousak on Twitter, Major Nelson just so happened to have Outriders in his recently played list on a recent interview.

It’s obviously not yet confirmed that Outriders will be coming to Game Pass, and some fans have pledged to keep their pre-order regardless, but others are cancelling their pre-orders now, knowing they can easily place it again closer to release is these latest hints are pointing at something else.

With a showcase for Outriders expected on the 18th March, a Game Pass announcement next week would make perfect timing, also allowing gamers to cancel a pre-order before the payment method is charged (often up to 10 days before release)
But if you’re considering the purchase, you might want to hold off a week until we know for sure.

One thing that is certain, is games are getting harder to buy with Game Pass growing at such an impressive rate, I picked up Dirt 5 a week before it was announced for Game Pass, and it seems even brand new, third party and cross-platform releases aren’t immune from Microsoft’s infectious service.

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