Timesplitters 2 4K – Available now?

Over the last few days there’s been a nostalgic buzz around twitter after this tweet from Matt Phillips highlighting the existence of the entire Timesplitters 2 game within Homefront The Reovlution.

The existence of Timesplitter 2 game, in 4K hidden within the depths of Homefront Revolution isn’t anything new as it’s been widely known two levels were available from the in-game arcade cabinet, however, it’s not until now when we’ve heard the full game is in fact playable.

Homefront: The Revolution is currently on sale for £4.49 / $5.99 which includes Homefront, the DLC and (if these codes are correct) Timesplitters 2 in 4K so we can expect sales to fly through the roof with confirmation of these codes.

As with most conundrums, give the internet a few days and you’re sure to find a solution and sure enough, this evening a Tweet with the supposed codes has been revealed.

In order to reach the Arcade machine required for code input, you need to reach the mission “Small by Name” towards the end of the game, so we’re going to give these codes a full test run and will update soon with confirmation, and information on the last two codes, but here they are again…

Story: up+LT, up+LT, down, right+LT, left+RT, B+RT, Y+LT, Y+LT, X+RT, A+LT.

Arcade: left+LT+RT, down+LT+RT,left+LT+RT, B+LT+RT, left+RT, left+LT+RT, down+LT+RT, Y+LT, Y+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.

Challenge: B+RT, left_LT+RT, B+LT+RT, down+LT+RT, right+LT, up+LT, Y+LT, A+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.

Unknown #1: down+LT+RT, left+LT+RT, A+LT+RT, B+RT, left+RT, Y+LT, Y+LT, B+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.

Unknown #2: down+LT+RT, left+LT+RT, Y+LT+RT, right+LT, B+RT, Y+LT, B+LT+RT, down+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.

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