Train Sim World 2: Best British Routes

Over the last few weeks I’ve worked through and reviewed every British route on Train Sim world 2, and today we’re going to have a look, in order, at the best British routes for the popular train simulation game.

The Isle of Wight DLC might only cost £19.99, but with only one locomotive, a short route plagued with graphical issues, and one of the most dissapointing counts for both collectables and timetable routes, it’s hard to recommend for anyone other than those with a specific interest in the location or locomotive.

The Isle of Wight DLC certainly isn’t bad, but it is a much more of a specialist add-on rather than those which will have a more mainstream appeal.

West Somerset Railway is another disappointing route, featuring a 23 mile stretch and 2 locomotives giving a range of passenger, freight and shunting tasks with an impressive 6 scenarios, however with only 28 timetabled routes and a slow 25mph speed limit throughout, the core time you’ll spend on the West Somerset railway will be because of long, slow journeys.

it’s important to realise with the majority of passenger services on the 28 timetable routes, your time won’t be spent with multiple different services, you’re just making the same, long, slow, laboured, 25mph journey at different times of the day.

The Tees Valley Line DLC is where the route add-ons start to offer some great value, with 3 locomotives and a great range of scenery and stations, the collectables will take a while to find and while this pack leans slightly more towards freight services, it’s overall offering and similar timeline is outdone by the fantastic North Trans-Pennine route, but they work great together thanks to the added services TVL’s frieght brings to NTP.

It feels a little harsh on Tees Valley because it’s not bad at all, but set soon after, it’s very similar to North Trans-Pennine. without the nice views, more varied elevation and tunnels.

East Coastway is a great pack that just lacks a little balance, if you’re in the search for modern locomotives, it’s only the brand new Southeastern High Speed that does it better, but with the class 377 offering a massive 238 timetable routes, this pack is easily among the best experiences for modern passenger services.
Sadly the frieght offering isn’t as impressive, but it’s the lack of any high speed locomotives that stop East Coastway reaching a higher position.

if you’re looking to expand your passenger runs considerably with a varied route that features some nice speed changes without ever being over-demanding, East Coastway is a great addition to your collection.

The top 3 routes are hard to separate, and Great Western Express was one of my personal favourites, being one of the older routes from the preserved collection, it’s got a few graphical issues, but the overall value is hard to beat.
The three locomotives offer a great range of passenger, high-speed and freight services, and the route, combined with the timeline of the HST that I remember fondly create a unique challenge that you wont get from more modern automated systems.

I really hope Dovetail revisit and refine Great Western Express because if it wasnt for the graphical issues, this would easily be battling for the top spot.

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that the Great Western Express DLC is certainly recommended, and if you can forgive the few graphical hiccups, it more than justifies it’s usual £24.99 price-tag, especially when you compare it to some packs with barley offering half of the content.

The latest edition to TSW2 is the Southeastern High Speed route which was only released February 2021, this modern day route, might lack a freight locomotive, but there are a few services if you own a few deisels from other packs. However Southeastern High Speed more than makes up for it with two great locomotives in the popular class 375 and the fantastic class 395, the longest British route at 51 miles and a wide range of timetabled routes and collectables mean this dlc will keep you occupied for far longer than most.

Southeastern High Speed is essential to anyone who’s a fan of modern-day commuter and high-speed routes. but it’s fair to say it won’t quite carry the same appeal to those wanting more Freight services.

Northern Trans-Pennine takes the top spot as our best British route for Train Sim World 2,
Offering plenty of passenger services the real value is in the overall balance of the pack, the route just works really well and while there’s more timetabled services in some other packs, you’ll find excellent value with this route, with the challenge of the older locomotives.

If you already own Tees Valley Line or add-in the Heavy Freight pack then Norther Trans-Pennine really shines with a multitude of freight services as well.
Those looking for an easier ride might be better with Southeastern High Speed or East Coastway’s modern locomotives, but for anyone wanting a deep, engrossing experience which will keep you coming back for more, North Trans-Pennine is the best of the bunch.

Overall Northern Trans-Pennine is fantastic value, offering a range of older trains which present a much different challenge to most routes on TSW2

(You can get Northern Trans-Pennine and 4 other presevered collection routes on TSW2, via the TSW2020 collectors edition for just £20.99 HERE)

That concludes our look at the best British routes on TSW2, there’s a wide range to choose from and while some provide better value for specific areas, there’s no denying that Southeastern High Speed is the best pack for modern locomotives, and Great Werstern Express offer fantastic all round value, only set back by a few graphical issues, but Northern Trans-Pennine offers a great balance services, with a long, involving route and the challenge of less modern locomotives.

Still, it’s worth highlighting how close the top 3 are, they all offer more than enough value to stand aside eachother as unique experiences which compliment different areas of the game.

While Isle of Wight and West Somerset are harder to recommend, even our 4th and 5th placed routes are easy to suggest, with East Coastway providing a fun modern experience that’s only succeded by Southeastern High Speed.
and likewise the Tees Valley Line would be higher up the list if it wasn’t for the fantastic Northern Trans-Pennine route.
This further highlights how unique Great Western Express is as there’s no offer route that offers the same kind of expeirence, but it’s the unfortunate graphcial issues which allow both Southeastern High Speed and Northern Trans-Pennine to be our most highly recommended routes.

Rest assured if you delve into any of the top five routes as your first foray Into TSW2, your unlikely to be disappointed.

If you’re looking to expand your TSW2 collection, remember you can pick up the ‘Collectors Edition’ of Train Sim World 2020 for only £20.99 (HERE)
Which will unlock 5 routes, including our #1 pick “Northern Trans-Pennine” for use in TSW2.

TSW2020 Collectors edition routes:

Ruhr-Sieg Nord: Hagen – Finnentrop Route
Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose Route
Long Island Rail Road: New York – Hicksville Route
Main-Spessart Bahn: Aschaffenburg – Gemünden Route
Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester – Leeds Route

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