TSW2: Diesel Legends of the Great Western – add-on DLC

Back in February, I summed up the best of British Routes on Train Sim World 2, and while Great Western Express already scored highly in 3rd place, it was the potential of the Heavy Freight pack that propelled Trans-Pennine into first place.
However, with this new release of the Diesel Legends pack, Great Western Express may have just become the must-have route for Train Sim world 2.

First off it’s worth noting that in order to use the Diesel Legends pack, you must have the Great Western Express Route Add-On so it’s worth checking out that review too, and while the two combined push close to £40, the sheer amount of content on offer makes this duo a very enticing prospect.
The core Great Western Route which is based in the late 1970’s the Diesel Legends add-on takes us back a little earlier to the early 70’s before the HST’s started speeding down the tracks.
This means the additional content in Diesel LEgends not only expands on the original selection but adds a much greater variety in the types of locomotives you’ll get to control.

Besides the original HST, Class 66 and Class 166, Diesel Legends adds the popular Class 52, the iconic Class 08 shunting diesel and the popular class 101 passenger engine. From the many hours I’ve spent on Train Sim World 2, these three are some of my favourite older locomotives so having them all included in this pack represents great value.
There’s also 3 additional tutorials, (one for each locomotive) pushing the total up to 8 and scenario fans will find an extra 5 scenarios, a 35-minute test on the Class 08, as well as two more, giving a 30 minute and 1-hour scenario for both the Class 52 and the Class 101.

Add to this an impressive roster of timetabled services, with 210 challenges pushing the combined total of Great Western with the Diesel Legends packs up to over 480 timetabled services.

Graphically there’s minor improvements since I reviewed the Great Western route, as Dovetail are constatnly making small quality of life changes, even to the older routes, there’s still the expected pop-in, and while sometimes this is significant with telegraph poles popping in to view, it’s usually restricted to fences and the track textures when moving at higher speeds.

Audio continues to be impressive and each of the trains sound well balanced, with the noticeable drive of the Class 08 and Class 52’s powerful engines and the nostalgic Class 101, there’s really little to complain about with the audio, Station sounds could be better at times, but this has been mentioned by Dovetail so I’m pretty confident these will continue to improve with time.

The origiinal Great Western Route is already one of the best available, covering 36 miles, 30 locations and 16 stations there’s plenty to see and do, and while it’s understandable there’s no extension to this route and no further collectables to find, the £14.99 price tag for the Diesel Legends DLC still represents fantastic value considering the rest of the content added is far more than most full route DLC’s add to the game.

As a complete package, Great Western Express Route Add-on and this Diesel Legends of the Great Western Add-on combine to give months of content, the tutorials cover all bases, the Scenarios aren’t afraid to throw some unique conditions at you and the timetabled routes combine to give hundreds of hours of gameplay.

For anyone looking at the most complete collections possible, with minimal purchases, the Diesel Legends and Great Western Express combo are just as easy to recommend as the Heavy Freight and Northern Trans-Pennine combo.
Personally, I prefer Great Western Express now it’s got some Shunting and extra freight options thanks to this pack.
Adding another Route add-on such as Southeastern High Speed, you’d be getting a fantastic mix of new and old as well as plenty of high speed, passenger and freight services to give one of the most varied collections with iconic locomotives and recognisable locations, available with only two major route add-ons so if you’re looking for the best bang for your bucks.

Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8.5
Story - 8
Value - 9


As a complete package, the Great Western Express Route Add-on and this Diesel Legends of the Great Western Add-on combine to give months of content and one of, if not the most complete package available for TSW2

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