War of the Worlds heading to Xbox One

We love to see a range of Indie games here at Xbox Infinity and one title that’s caught our eye is the forthcoming stealth action title, Grey skies: A War of the Worlds Story.

Releasing this week on Thursday the 5th November for only £12.49/$14.99 Grey Skies is brought to us by Sheffield based developer Steel Arts Software, with support for Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, early signs are looking excellent.

: Official Microsoft store link :

My, My… What a large third leg you have….

Official description : Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story is a stealth based single player adventure that throws you right into the middle of the Martian invasion. Play as Harper through her personal story amidst the most significant event in human history. Based on the great work of H.G. Wells, explore the English countryside and encounter iconic concepts such as Black Smoke, Red Weed and of course the almighty Fighting Machine and it’s Heat Ray! Sneak, craft and trick the souls under Martian influence, and when it all gets too much. Use the environment to your advantage or upgrade Harper’s ability to craft Throwables and learn how to neutralize or avoid enemies in new and interesting ways.

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