Warframe…Start Farming and Grinding Today!

Warframe deserves a place in your game library and 2021 is looking up with the recent release of the game on PS5 with some major graphics updates it’s only a matter of time before the Xbox Series X/S get their updated improved versions.

I have played warframe since the days of the old star chart. The free to play RPG has grown so much since the days of old and now it’s one of those game you can sit back play for an hour or 2 and accomplish a goal of some sort. The game’s sound and style are very well down and though the frame rate can dip low at times it still is a pretty game to play. I always have fun when I play Warframe and even when you play for a long time you always feel like you accomplished a lot every time you play. This game always makes me feel like my time was well spent and I have accomplished something for my time and effort. Currently you can play this game on all the Xbox consoles with imporved version coming to the Xbox series X/S soon.

(One of the classic star chart maps of a planet that will bring back memories for those who started playing years ago)

For transparency purposes I have put money into this game around $30-$40 across the past 3 years for “Platinum” which is the premium currency which can be spent on cosmetics, boosters, additional inventory slots for Frames, Weapons, Mods, or cosmetics unlocks like skins and color palettes. I have personally only really used platinum to expand mostly my inventory space and a few cosmetic unlocks. You can get platinum from other players by trading so you can commonly find people farming for hard to get parts for weapons or frames and sell them for platinum. This is kind of the annoying part of the game as you can’t collect a lot guns or frames with the starting amount of inventory slots because by default you are only given 2 slots for warframes 8 for weapons, 8 for sentinels and 2 for pets. Eventually you will have to spend some platinum to get more space to put those extra warframes and guns if you are a collector.

Warframe’s monetization style is what I would call light handed however, compared to other styles of free to play games in that you can get any warframe or gun you want to if you are willing to put the time in to grind resources and level up. The only real gripe with platinum is the inventory space given by default but if you are willing to stick maybe $10-$15 to just get platinum to save for inventory space and maybe a few cosmetics here and there when a sale pops up and you get what I like to see in a premium currency for a free to play game. Balanced and light handed.

(The Warframe’s “Excalibur” description screen during the opening mission where you pick your first Warframe you can see you also have the choice of Volt and Mag)

Now the beginning of the game has evolved over time as well but currently the opening/tutorial missions are very well designed. It allows you to choose your first frame between The Swordsman “Excalibur”, The Magnetic “Mag” or The Electrical “Volt.” It slowly introduces you to the mechanics of the game over the course of a few missions with the core mechanics of Abilities, Melee Combat, and Gun combat introduced first tutorial mission. The story also begins here and there is plenty of story to go around with not only there being a main story line but additional side missions which we will touch on shortly. The beginning of the game starts teaching you the basics of your abilities, combat, and movement techniques like bullet jumps. It then introduces you to mission types and your ship and you will slowly either love or loath the ships AI “Ordis” as he explains how your ship works and cracks a pun now and then.

Abilities in this game are one of the top mechanics and each warframe which there are 42 with a 43rd on its’ way named “Lavos” have 4 abilities and usually 1 passive ability. These abilities range from going invisible, moving into a different dimension, releasing a lightning storm or summoning stone golems which is shown below. Abilities can be improved by mods which you can earn, equip and upgrade and they can improve abilities by making them more powerful, increasing the area your ability affects, or increasing duration. Each frame is unique and I definitely recommend trying out each frame before moving on from them as each has unique play styles based on their mechanics.

(Here is the Warframe “Atlas” with his summoned and improved stone Golems. Quick side note that these pictures were taken with the Captura mode which allows you to take pictures with summoned enemies and create some really cool scenes, you can see the basic menu in the bottom right)

The weapon choices are endless in this game from axes, bows, claymores, knives, pistols, rifles, shotgun swords, staffs and even more. There are way too many different weapon choices to list them all here and you are allowed a primary, secondary and melee weapon while going into combat but you do have the option to equip nothing in a slot if you want. With so many weapons however it can be hard to balance every single one so there are some weapons that take precedence over others in some load outs but you can still do pretty much most if not all of the content with some of the other weapons available in the game. On top of the weapons already available for you to obtain you can also craft weapons as well and name them as well. The weapons have such a diversity in themselves as not all shotguns are the same and not all swords are the same. So take the time to try each and if you don’t like it just get it to the max level and then try a different one.

(There are shoulder attachments on the Valkry “Prime” model that are extra and are not normally on there but I think they make her look better)

With some Warframes and Weapons there is a “Prime” variant. These prime variants look different but they also have improved stats like with weapons they will have higher stats. They can be obtained by farming and opening relics which have different reward tiers and it’s a random chance what you get like a loot box. Relics are easily farmable and you can improve your chances of getting better items by refining them with “Void traces” which are obtained by opening relics. There are 4 different tiers Lith, Meso, Neo and Axi and each are obtainable from most missions but there are some mission types that give relics as a guaranteed reward. After all that farming you need to build them and you take them to your foundry for that.

The foundry is where you can examine what pieces you have collected and what you have built for prime warframes, basic warframes and weapons. It also shows how many resources you need to craft the pieces or full parts of frames and weapons. All the resources needed can be farmed or collect from missions. If you are looking for tips or locations for farming or collecting resources I highly recommend the Warframe wiki which is well run and maintained and for the most part has the most up to date info. I warn you to take a grain of salt when searching through the forums for farming ideas as the drop locations and amounts have been changed from time to time by the developers or a new addition creates a better place to farm. Due note the time it will take to complete each piece bellow the resource or part cost. You can spend platinum to finish crafting immediately but I would save it for inventory space once you are done building your new warframe.
Warframe Wiki –

Now for the mission types there are about 23 mission types with 1 of those being free roam which you can do on 3 different planets on a wide open area to explore, fight enemies and finish small objective based missions in that free roam area. Again I recommend you visit the wiki when looking for relics or certain rewards as the wiki will tell you what missions reward what which will make it easier to find what you are looking for. All of these missions can be accessed from the navigation area of your orbiter and through the star map. There are also Invasions which are special missions that give unique rewards that can’t be obtained in the normal mission types.

(The newest star map version with the warframe “Harrow” in the background)

Every planet in our solar system plus some moons have a wide variety of missions on them with one or two of the 4 different factions (Corrupted, Corpus, Grineer or Infected) hosted on that planet. Each is different with its’ own unit design, sound and style. Plus each faction has its’ own type of map with some details just for that faction. Not to mention each planet has a boss fight and each boss fight has their own mechanic’s that are unique to that particular boss fight. The story is tied to all 4 factions with the side missions giving character and meaning to the warframes involved in that particular story line that end up tying themselves to the main story line in the end. The biggest part is the story is still ongoing and in development with every large update giving us more and more story line content. The most I can really give without spoiling anything is that the main story deals with the Warframes origins and their current fight for survival with the help of the “Lotus” who is your main contact in the game.

There isn’t much in the game I can criticize as Digital Extreme has created a very good game full and content that can last you for days and days, however, that sheer amount of content needs a sort of guide to help players navigate the vast amount of content. This is where I criticize the game the most and that is in navigation of content past the tutorial stage. Now this could be that Digital Extreme is taking an approach where they allow the player to do what they want with a light hand in guiding players. But I think the best thing people can do is head over to the wiki or the Forums from time to time in order to refresh your minds in what they can achieve in the later stages of the game. The best thing I can recommend is going to the start chart and making sure all missions are done so you can unlock other content and check the desk on the left side of the bridge of your ship as it will show you requirements for quests that you can obtain in the game.

With the sheer amount of content available in this game and knowing that all of the content tied to the story and it’s side missions are free just blows my mind and knowing that there are many other things to do like flying in space with a clan on a space fighter, or using special wing attachments to fly your warframe through space itself. The amount of missions and story tied to the new free roaming areas. Challenge modes, PVP conclave game modes plus much, much more that would make this review pages, pages and pages long. I just can’t believe that all of that content can be accessed for free and you aren’t required to spend a penny if you don’t want to. Plus this isn’t a mobile graphics game either the graphics fall into what you would call AAA and they are planning to only improve the graphics even further from here so I give this game a great thumbs up. One of the biggest improvements in the game is also file size. With other games getting larger and larger example the Call of Duty games this game actually shrunk the file size and now only takes up on my hard drive around 50gb when a few months ago it sat around 70gb for me. It’s difficult to find many faults with this game unlike other free to play games so I have to say start farming today and start grinding. If the past few years have been this good for Warframe for me I can’t wait to see what future lies in store for this game. I’m proud to say I trust Digital Extreme as their track record with this game only gets better and better.

Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 7
Sound - 6.5
Story - 8
Value - 7.5


The amount of polish and sheer amount of content on this game is stunning and supurb. The standard on free to play games in my mind is set by Warframe. With upcoming content for all platforms and graphics improved versions coming on the Series X/S soon. I cannot wait to get my hands on the updated versions when they release.

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